About Us

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help build enthusiasm for the sport of archery.

Thanks to all of you! Charlie and I recently celebrated over 10 years with Spirit USA! In trying times, we are proud to say we are stronger than ever. Excitement continues as we strive to offer quality custom archery bags and accessories to all participants in the NASP program, whether they be archers, coaches, or coordinators.

My passion with Spirit began when I was hired at Barnhart Industries at the beginning of 2011. Anna Boehm, Barnhart’s GM and President and I were responsible for the design process of the bags. Marketing and promoting the bags at tournaments, as well as learning all I could about the sport of archery and the growth of the sport was my responsibility. Bonus! Nothing on the market existed then or now that carries team equipment and lets the team show their team colors. Spirit was born...

When BI decided to modify their business plan it allowed Charlie and I a wonderful opportunity. We located a “local” manufacturer to continue production. Spirit recently acquired a new partner to manufacture our textile products, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce Don Hume Leathergoods located in Miami, OK! They have taken over production as of 2023 and allow us to continue to offer quality products to our valuable customers. On that note, we want to say a big Thank You to Neet Products for many great years of working together. We want to wish everyone well as they move into retirement and want you to know that you will be missed.

As in past years, Spirit will attend as many state NASP tournaments, Nationals and of course the Championship tournament as possible. Our passion continues as we see friends we’ve made from past visits and meet new.

Keep Calm and Shoot Straight –

Karen Voigt
Spirit USA, President and Owner